Silos and warehouses

Salt silos and salt warehouses

Discover our comprehensive range of high-quality and stable bulk silos made of glass fiber polyester (GRP). These silos, specially designed for the safe and cost-effective storage of de-icing salt, have proven themselves over decades due to their indestructible durability – especially in the demanding winter service – and enjoy the unreserved trust of our customers.

Bulk material silos

The economical alternative for efficient winter service with a capacity of up to 250 cubic meters. Ideally suited for the storage of de-icing salt, these silos ensure the ideal storage of your gritting material – a crucial prerequisite for an effective winter service that is always ready for use.

Our bulk silos made of glass fiber polyester are manufactured using the latest technology in a winding process.

The advantages of the glass fiber polyester bulk material silo:

Mobile silos

In close cooperation with our local project partners, we have developed a compact and flexible silo without having to forego the advantages of a conventional silo with foundations. This innovative silo requires neither a building permit*, nor the construction of a foundation or complex construction site facilities. You save time and money as there are no foundation construction costs.

The silo is delivered on the level and load-bearing floor prepared by the customer (at least 4 x 4 meters installation area) and quickly set up with the help of our truck-mounted crane.

The advantages of the mobile silo made of glass fiber polyester at a glance:

* Not legally binding. We recommend consulting the responsible building authority in individual cases. A simplified approval procedure may be necessary due to different state building regulations and possible restrictions in local development plans. If planning permission is required, approval costs may be incurred.

Professional warehouses made from concrete block Lego bricks: Your reliable partner for salt storage projects

Discover our high-quality salt sheds made of stackable concrete blocks – a flexible and weatherproof solution for your storage needs. With a height of up to 8.80 m, our hall systems can be erected quickly without time-consuming laying of foundations, giving you maximum flexibility during assembly and relocation.

Our salt storage sheds are not only waterproof and weatherproof, but also optimally ventilated. The construction from salt-resistant materials guarantees durability and 100% recyclability.

Thanks to our many years of experience and special partnerships, you receive customized storage solutions of the highest quality. Our halls are sustainable, flexible and ready for use immediately after assembly.

Ready-to-use salt storage halls with concrete Lego bricks

Our Lego brick and concrete block system enables quick assembly without cement or fixing materials. Salt sheds can be moved and extended effortlessly and, depending on their size, can be erected within just a few working days – with no drying time and ready for immediate use.

Customized salt storage systems for your requirements

Each salt shed is built to your specifications, including customized roofs – from static to hinged for easy loading and unloading. With free measurement and a span of up to 15 m, we offer the ideal solution for your storage project. Put your trust in us as your reliable partner for salt hall projects – we guarantee first-class service and quality.

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