Industrial and commercial salt

Industrial and commercial salt: the right salt for every purpose

ASBIT offers an extensive range of industrial and commercial salt from various salt origins, such as rock salt, evaporated salt and sea salt for a wide range of applications in various industries.

At the same time, our industrial and commercial salts meet the strictest quality standards and it is used in various industries such as chemical, food and textile. It serves as a basic material for the manufacture of a wide range of products and plays an important role in a wide variety of production processes. Our industrial salt is extracted and processed under careful control and is available to you in consistently high quality.

Rock industrial salt: The basis for industrial applications

We supply high-quality rock salt in many grain sizes demanded and desired on the market, e.g. 0.7 – 0.1 mm, 2.0 – 1.0 mm, as well as 0.1 – 5.0 mm (the exact sieve grain distributions of the respective salt type are available on request).

Boiling industrial salt: The basis for industrial applications

In our business areas, we offer a wide range of products for a variety of commercial applications. Our boiling industrial salts play a central role in this process and are available in various designs.

Different grit sizes for your requirements

Our boiling industrial salt is available in various grain sizes, including:

  • Standard (0.7 – 0.10 mm)
  • Coarse (1.25 – 0.4 mm)
  • Calibrated Fine
  • Extrafine

It is also available as an undried product.

Boiling industrial salts are offered in various container sizes:

  • 25 kg
  • 50 kg
  • Big bag (1.000 kg)
  • Bulk

High purity sodium chloride for industry

Our boiling industrial salt is the basic material for the industry. It is characterized by a sodium chloride content of typically 99.9%. This exceptional purity is achieved through a complex crystallization process and the use of a particularly pure and original brine.

The highly developed crystallization process makes our boiling industrial salt an extremely pure and brilliant white quality product that fully meets the demanding requirements of the industry.

Rely on our boiling industrial salts as a reliable basis for your commercial applications. If you need more information about our products or would like customized solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our commitment to quality and purity is your advantage in the industry.

You can find an extract of our product specifications at >>> Downloads.

Industrial and commercial salt, for example, is available as follows:

Broxo 6 - 15 | 25 kg

very pure pressed Broxo boiling salt

Grain size 6 – 15 mm

excellent efficiency, free of residual materials

Package size: 25 kg

Industrial and commercial salt | 25 kg

Package size: 25 kg PE bag

ASBIT Salz Big Bag

Industrial and commercial salt | 500 kg

Package size: 500 kg big bag

ASBIT Salz Big Bag

Industrial and commercial salt | 1.000 kg

Package size: 1.000 kg Big Bag

ASBIT Gewerbesalz Silo_LKW

Industrial and commercial salt | loose

Package size: loose in silo truck

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Bagged / buckets from 1 pallet or full truck.

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