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Company ASBIT

Since it was founded in 1996, ASBIT has grown under the visionary leadership of its founder and current Managing Director,
Alexander Neumann, has undergone an impressive development. From its beginnings as a trading company, ASBIT has continuously developed into a powerful and established international production and wholesale company. During this period, sustainable business relationships were established and expanded, the product range was specialized and unique selling propositions were developed in order to survive in the markets gained in the long term. Today, ASBIT is an important and stable economic factor not only in the region of Central Germany, but also beyond. This success story shows how commitment, innovative spirit and a clear vision can lead to successfully positioning a company on the international stage. At ASBIT, we are proud to be able to make our contribution to the economy and the region.

Seat of the company

The headquarters of ASBIT Service & Produkte GmbH is located in the municipality of Parthenstein, in the district of Großsteinberg, in Germany. This site is located about 20 km southeast of Leipzig in Saxony and is easily accessible as it is close to the A14 highway. In this industrial and commercial area, in the direct vicinity of which is an active large quarry, are located the headquarters of ASBIT as well as our shipping warehouse for general cargo within Germany.

Our company headquarters with sales office with the departments of sales, purchasing, logistics and accounting, is located in the city of Markkleeberg, which borders directly on the city of Leipzig to the south. This location offers excellent transport links to through the intersection of the A38 and A72 freeways.

Die Karte zeigt die zwei Standorte von ASBIT

In addition, we have our own sales bases and operate our own freight forwarding company with a powerful and flexible network of logistics partners and over 25 warehouse locations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Benelux. Thanks to this widespread network of locations, we are able to operate successfully throughout Germany and internationally in the EU.

How did the name ASBIT come about?

The choice of the name “ASBIT” for our company has its origin already in the founding days. The name should start with the letter “A”, be short and concise, and include a simple company logo for quick recognition. This concept was based on large and significant companies in the market. In 1996, therefore, the name “ASBIT” was chosen in an almost identical graphic form as today. This name also fits well with one of our first product segments in our range, namely “Asphalt and Bitumen”.